Artspiration and References

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Some more advice that I have no right to give.  I’m serious about the Stephen Silver advice though- he’s the man.

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Once I had the little color thumbnail, I just pulled colors from that when I started on the final here.

For the final image, I wanted it to look like cut out shapes rather than a painted image.  So basically I worked by blocking in colors instead of painting everything.  The first 4 images show the color blocking process.  In the fifth one I added some sun beams but they cut up that big shadow too much so I moved them a bit.  Next I tried out different placements for the characters.  I also added a big monster because he’s going to be there in the companion piece and I needed to see how he would work with the composition.  That helped me decide the placement and finish the image.

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Anonymous asked: eyy your art is amazing and it rly makes me feel like drawing B) i'd just like to ask, do you have any tips on drawing the folds and creases on clothing? i'm not really sure how to do it ;^; thanks for your time and for spending the effort to make pretty art uwu


Thank you! Honestly, I’m a bit surprised because I’ve always considered folds to be my weakest side. Here’s a few tips that help you maybe!




Here is a bunch of tutorials that will help you as well, I think. Sorry for my English x3